Tue, Mar 03, 2015
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Aliss Cresswell shares how Spirit shop and miracle cafe is closing!

Welcome to MorningStar in Europe

Welcome to the European arm of MorningStar Ministries representing Rick Joyner and the MorningStar Ministries team in the UK and relating to ministries all over Europe. We extend a warm invitation to all our friends and partners to join with us in advancing the purposes of God in these times. Please visit here regularly for more resources and videos from us. Or why not sign up for our newsletters to receive miracle stories, videos, podcasts, prophetic insights, events and teaching?


  • Little Mollington Hall
  • MFM Europe
  • LionHeart
  • Workshops
  • Twenty Eight Day Activation Retreat

Little Mollington Hall

Little Mollington Hall is a beautiful country house dating back to the early 17th century and situated in one acre of gardens close to the historic city of Chester, UK. The house has many interesting stories to tell, such as its links with the Puritan Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell in the 17th Century, the supply of food to monks at the local Monastery, and the visits of

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MorningStar Europe Fellowship of Ministries - connecting ministries

MorningStar Europe heads up MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries in Europe. We do this under the covering and full support of Rick Joyner and Tom Hardiman and the MFM team. What this means is that if you live in Europe and you want to be part of the MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries we will process your application and be your first point of contact.

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LionHeart is our annual MorningStar Europe gathering over three days in the summer. We have had special guest speakers such as Rick Joyner, Justin Abraham, Martin Scott and worship leaders Suzy Yaraei, Leonard Jones, and Adam Cates. Tom and Mary Anne Hardiman are always part of the hosting team along with Rob and Aliss Cresswell.

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Focused Ministry Training Workshops

For those who desire to pursue ministry training and experience but have other commitments on their time and budget the ministry training workshops are an ideal solution. These workshops cover a wide range of ministry topics such as healing, prophetic, music and creativity. Time served and proven ministers in particular fields of ministry are able to impart a great deal in these smaller focus groups over

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An intensive devotional retreat designed to activate faith and unlock your potential

Rob & Aliss Cresswell are inviting applications from Kingdom-minded people to join their team at MorningStar Europe’s base, Little Mollington Hall in Chester, UK for a 4-week (accomodation) period to be trained, mentored and equipped to move in the love and power of Jesus.

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Aliss Cresswell shares how Spirit shop and miracle cafe is closing!
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