Our visit to Plain Church Celtic Community and their outreach ministry called God Unlimited was anything but plain. Neighbouring Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England, consists of a ring of standing stones, with each standing stone around 13ft high, 6ft 11 in wide and weighing around 25 tons. It is visited by 1.5 million people every year and is used for Pagan worship, Druid worship and other rituals during the Summer Solstice and other festivals. There is even a Shaman at the Visitor Centre who leads tourists through one of the Pagan rituals.

In late medieval England (11th-15thC) a very powerful weapon was developed called the 'war bow' or ‘long bow’. It was, as the name suggests, an extremely long bow, usually about the height of a man. They were made from the wood of the Yew tree which had the best qualities for power and durability.

Yew trees are traditionally grown in English church grounds and have long been associated with spirituality. The yew tree is a very long lasting tree and was seen by ancient Britons as the ‘tree of life’ because it out-lived most people. Its dense evergreen covering also provided shelter making it an ideal place to hold meetings under its branches. In time this became the natural place to then erect a building for Christian services - therefore a church was often near a yew tree. Yew trees continued to be planted in church grounds as the ‘tree of life’.

Rosetta Stone

Truth is often hidden in plain view. For centuries archeologists meticulously scrutinized the ancient writings and hieroglyphics encrypted on Egyptian artifacts. Only with the discovery of the Rosetta Stone was a dictionary of ancient language furnished to give meaning to the mysteries.

There are many layers of Scriptural Truth. At best we understood them only partially. The words are plainly before us, but their full meaning has been hidden.

For hundreds of years Jewish followers contemplated the prophetic scriptures pointing to their messiah and the restoration of Israel. None, however, understood their application. The Lord’s crucifixion, burial and resurrection was a mystery hidden in plain view. The Scripture recorded the message, but only in its fulfillment did absolute understanding develop.

Now, great end-time mysteries foreseen by Daniel and John the beloved are being disclosed and imparted. (Daniel 12; Revelations 10) A righteous generation anointed with revelatory insight will probe deep into the heart of God where they are hidden.

Schools of ministry to prepare and equip the Body of Christ for this notable destiny are emerging with an amplified sense of responsibility.

The Lord often speaks to me through nature and recently there have been lots of geese flying over Chester which have really grabbed my attention because they have been doing things I have not noticed before.

Firstly there have been several flocks flying in ‘V’ formation very near to each other, where previously I have seen one flock at a time.

It is usual for geese to swap position within their ‘V’ so that those who are tired can ride on the wind of the one just in front of it. They can get to where there are going more easily and faster by helping each other in this way; a wisdom key for us all there I think.

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