This morning I asked the Lord, “Why do you want me to always forgive?
Is it because You want me to be a good person?”
This is what I heard in my heart:
“Every time you forgive, you open the door for My kingdom
to come in and be expanded on earth.”

I realized that our calling is not about us,
it is about His kingdom being established and
expanded on earth as it is in heaven.
Our focus should not be on establishing our own kingdoms and ministries.
Every kingdom but His kingdom is subject to failure.
We don’t want to promote ourselves with our gifts, we want to preach Jesus.
We don’t want to expand our kingdoms; we want to expand God’s kingdom.
May we all build and establish His kingdom
through love, forgiveness, healing, deliverance, encouragement,
peace, joy, laughter, giving, prayer, intercession, etc.
When the body of Christ concentrates on building His kingdom,
we will be filled with joy when we hear that someone else is
successful in ministry, whether it is a church, home group, outreach, or
healing ministry.
Our goal is to manifest His kingdom and heal people,
no matter whom it manifests through.
If you are a musician, you will be happy if
someone else makes a very anointed CD.
If you are a preacher, you will be happy if someone
preaches an anointed sermon, because the kingdom of our
Father was manifested or expanded through their preaching.

If someone gets healed or is raised from
the dead through someone else’s prayer,
you will still be happy that the kingdom of our Father touched the earth.
We should not be jealous when God moves through others.
The world is in desperate need of the establishment of God’s kingdom.
Let us answer the call.
We can’t do it alone; we need to do it together.
Let us build His kingdom.
Your kingdom come.
Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven
(Matthew 6:10 AMP).
The King wants to expand His kingdom.

Kamran Yaraei speaks from his heart connection with God, intertwining his conversion testimony from a Shiite Muslim to a lover of Jesus. His messages and writings are of a poetic style that melt the heart of readers and listeners.
His first book, Food for the Heart, is fast becoming a classic devotional favorite, with 111 life-changing message bites full of hope, faith-building meditations, depth, character, and passion.