Do you feel like you are in a time of transition? Does it seem that circumstances are changing and shaking all around you, relationships are being tested and things are happening so fast that it seems hard to keep up with it all?

If you are nodding your head or saying "yes" to one or more of the above you are not alone. In fact you are amongst many, not just in the UK, but around the globe.

For some this is happening in more than one area. Family, friendships, work situations and churches; it can seem quite unsettling to say the least. So what can we hold onto during these times and what should we look out for?

Promises we can rely on

Firstly, the Lord gives us many promises in His Word. It says in Romans 8:28

"And we know with great confidence that God who is deeply concerned about us, causes all things to work together as a plan for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and purpose." (Amplified Bible)

Sometimes scriptures like these can become so familiar to us that we overlook the powerful meaning of them. This passage from Romans essentially means that He is deeply concerned about us! Think on that for a moment and then dwell on the fact that ‘all things’ really does include everything, not just ‘some things’.

Many of life’s turns seem outside of our control. For example, being made redundant, family members or close friends moving away, but God can work even these together for our good. We simply need to see challenges like this from heaven's perspective and hold onto Father's hand with childlike trust.

This Present Season

In his book, 'Army of the Dawn', Rick Joyner writes about the season we are in and helps to explain how the Lord is shifting people into new places and mobilising the end time army. It is truly an encouraging read.

Maybe you feel that you need to make some tough decisions in life-changing areas, if so I encourage you to be bold and courageously close doors that you need to close and open doors that you need to open. I believe that as you do so you will see the Lord do remarkable things in both the alignment and assignment in your life.

My husband Rod and I are right in the middle of one of these life transitions, moving to a new place from a place we have lived and worked for many years. We felt the call of God to join MSE team at a deeper level in December 2015 and moved to Chester in March 2016. We left behind in Norfolk four of our children and eleven grandchildren so it was a big decision.
We really sought the Lord and faced changes in family circumstances that could have caused us to rethink and not be so bold as to move 243 miles away. But we have seen the faithfulness of God as He has looked after our loved ones, strengthened and empowered them as we have focused on His call on our lives.

We have also seen His favour upon us, had opportunities we never dreamed of (like visiting the White House) and been privileged to serve Him in ways we didn’t know we were capable of. For example, we prophesied five hours straight over more than sixty people in one evening!

Greater Levels of Commitment

I sense we are being called into a greater level of commitment in relationships, not just in natural families but within friendships, ministries and communities where we can be truly 'as one' just as the Lord intends for us (John 17:21). This may mean letting go of some relationships in order to deepen and strengthen others. This will be of great importance for the days ahead.

Our heart is to do this as we answer the call of God to serve in new ways, both in a new locality and with a diverse community of people all across Europe and beyond. Firstly, when we moved to Chester we spent the first four months living with a lovely couple who opened their home to us and our Irish Setter, Ruby. What we didn’t know in the beginning was just how deep our friendship would develop. As we journeyed together we realised that the Lord was opening our hearts to build true community together where we don’t just ‘do church’ but where we live similar to the early disciples in Acts 2:42, eating together regularly , sharing the Word, worshipping and praying together and very importantly sharing the care of our community in practical ways.

We’ve felt led to all move specifically to the area of Blacon within Chester so that we can live amongst those we feel called to reach.

By doing this, we have all ‘stepped into’ fulfilment of prophetic words, greater levels of authority and new doors have opened. We have also seen blessings extended to our families.

Counting the cost in the big decisions is very important, it helps to strengthen our resolve to keep going forward when the questions come and the enemy says “Did God really say...”

It hasn’t been without challenge (and tears) and we have had to fix our focus on what we know the Lord has spoken to us. His promises have held us and we have felt the prayers of others along the way.
We would love to receive testimonies of how the Lord is leading you and any prophetic words He has given you for your community or the nation(s).

In His love,
Michelle Smith

MIchelle SmithMichelle Smith and her husband Rod are MFM Pastors and part of the MorningStar Europe core team. They have a heart for training, healing and 'engaging with heaven'. They work internationally building relationally with many ministries. Founders of 'Healing Streams' a charity with a focus on UK and Kenya.