Earlier this week, after more than a fortnight of scorching sunshine and hot southerly breeze, we noticed that the wind had changed direction to blow from the North. This was a signal, it seemed, for hundreds of swallows (which spend spring and part summer in and around our village) to gather together over our land and set off in two or three large groups for their migration south. Although for us humans summer is still in full swing, for these wonderful little creatures the north wind marked the close of a season.

Scriptures admonish us for not knowing 'times and seasons' - Matt 16 v3: Indeed the Sons of Issachar are noted for their ability to do just this - 1 Chronicles 12 v 32

Song of Solomon 4v 16 tells us that the Bride called upon the North (and south) wind to blow on her garden so that its fragrance might be spread and its spices could flow.

From personal experience I know the pain of disappointment that can accompany the close of a season: in the mid 1970s I was the leader of a very well received and popular Christian rock band - but at the peak of our performing career our season was ended as abruptly as the wind changed direction this week.

However difficult it might be, when the time is right we must learn to put down what we are holding. God can abundantly bless us when we let go: It was empty vessels that Elisha called for in order that the oil be poured out: 2 Kings 4. May we all be in that place where the Holy Spirit can fill to overflowing, and the north wind with its change of season can release 'the fragrance and the spices' we have in our 'garden'.

David Daynes and his wife Diana are longstanding members of MorningStar's Fellowship of Ministries and reside in Kefalonia, Greece