When we explore the various tribes of Israel, it becomes evident that individual tribes have their own particular giftings and emphases that help identify them. For instance, the tribe of Judah was known for its worship. Issachar was gifted in understanding the times and the seasons, and knowing what to do. In a similar manner within the United States military, there are various branches that are trained for specific areas of warfare - the infantry branch are the ground troops, the artillery branch covers the fire, and the engineering branch builds roads and bridges. Similarly, in the Body of Christ, God deposits spiritual DNA which are assigned to various tasks and responsibilities. So we not only have individual tasks assigned to us, but we become part of a larger corporate vision. In this article, I will explore some of the tasks and responsibilities that I believe God has revealed to the MorningStar tribe.

The history of Quebec City, Canada has played a unique and important role in helping us understand our corporate purpose. Prophetic experiences in this city point to both the assigned tasks and the graces we have been entrusted. The first MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries (MFM) Prophetic Roundtable held in Quebec City, Canada, took place on the 60th Anniversary weekend that Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin met in that same city to plan the D-Day Invasion. Uniquely, we began to discern that God was giving us direction to conduct a “spiritual” invasion of Europe to overcome the powers of darkness that have become so rooted in that continent.

A few years later we conducted another Prophetic Roundtable and in the sovereignty of God a number of profound events unfolded. As the Roundtable was about to begin, I walked into a conversation in which several pastors were discussing “Churchill Falls”. Churchill Falls is a hydroelectric facility in Quebec that provides power to the northeast sector of the United States. That discussion immediately caught my attention. Then, minutes before we were about to begin, I received a text message at 9:28 am from my assistant back in the United States, whose wife just gave birth to their third born son. His text message read, “Winston has arrived”. This was the chosen name for their new son. As the Roundtable began I was poised to hear if anyone would bring up a discussion about Winston Churchill.

Churchill's Special Agent

The host pastor began by telling us of a dream he had in which Billy Graham approached him saying, he needed to find out who was William Stephenson. I then proceeded to ask the group of 30-40 pastors, who knew of William Stephenson and no one had heard of the man. We then began a spiritual treasure hunt to discover the true identity of William Stephenson.

We discovered that Stephenson was the chief spy for Winston Churchill. Churchill formed his shadow government while out of office in the hope of being restored to a key political position in the British government. It was Stephenson who provided war details to Churchill that even the British government did not have at that time. As a pilot, he was able to accumulate a great wealth of information concerning Germany’s mobilization toward the war. From our observation of these facts, we concluded that God was encouraging the Church to become a chief prophetic voice into the halls and the powers of government. We felt that being a prophetic voice to the powers of government is a specific assignment that God has given to MorningStar and its affiliates and that this prophetic code has been written into our DNA.

There has been a slight delay

As this prophetic storyline continued, that very morning in the Quebec Chronicle, the headline of a front page article written by George Will, was entitled “In the Spirit of Churchill”. This provided further confirmation that God was encouraging us to look into the life of Winston Churchill. This article described in detail how President Obama had just removed the Churchill bust from the Oval Office. And, most recently, one of the first steps President Trump took after his inauguration was to return Churchill’s bust to the Oval Office.

Part of the prophetic emphasis that we have been feeling is the phrase “There has been a slight delay,” and it is my belief that the last eight years gives depth of meaning to that phrase. I believe the restoration of Churchill’s bust to the Oval Office represents a restoration of decisive leadership that is needed for our time. This also provides an opening for the Church to fulfill its prophetic mandate of becoming like a William Stephenson to the halls of government. Furthermore, I feel that these events are speaking into the prophetic corporate destiny at MorningStar and its affiliates of becoming a voice that is needed for the times in which we live.

In conclusion, we have been given significant spiritual responsibilities in our time. We are called to partner with various allied forces to help make substantial inroads into the European Continent and help overcome the darkness of the hour. The prophetic gifting and grace to use them are the tools in which God has assigned to us in fulfilling this task. It is our responsibility and our privilege to develop great skill in the prophetic ministry as we join together with one another. It is our hope and belief that we will see a great light beginning to be birthed not only throughout the continent of Europe but also throughout the nations.