Why did Jesus come when he came – why not much earlier, circumvent Abraham, Moses etc.? Assuming – based on Scripture which helps with assumptions!! – that God’s intention was always that of Incarnation, why the ‘delay’ in coming? In Galatians there is the phrase ‘when the fullness of times had come’:

"You see

They gave you their rules and
They gave you their regulations
And they told you to live by them

And they told you when to sit
And they told you when to stand

And they gave you their songs
And they told you when to sing them

Do you know the link between dreams and reality?

Can I ask you a question? When is the last time you let yourself dream? I mean really dream – about what you want your life to look like.

“The Scriptures are like a chest in which the treasures of wisdom lie hidden in darkness impenetrable to our eyes, unless someone should unlock it and train upon it a sacred light” Jacques Lefevre d'Etaples, 1508

Walking with one foot in the dark ages and the other in heaven, Jacques Lefevre d'Etaples dragged civilisation by the scruff of its neck through the mud and into modern times. The discipleship of his students and his teachings on the love of Christ helped supernaturally translate the church back onto the path of righteousness and marching once more in the direction of Christ. Known to his students and friends for his warmth and affectionate demeanour, but to his opponents for his steadfast resolve and unshakeable convictions, Lefevre stands out in the history of God's kingdom as one of the greatest teachers and mentors of our age.

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