During one of the sessions of the recent HarvestFest Conference (2015) in Fort Mill, SC, Rick Joyner spoke on “Watchmen on the Walls” and encouraged contributions from delegates, and I was able to share this word in summary from the platform. Rick felt the part about amnesty was particularly important.

Early one morning at the end of April, I saw in a dream a clear image of a title frame from The West Wing (an American political drama originally screened about 15 years ago). The title of the show was "The 38th President on his 38th Day".

The 38th President of the United States was Gerald Ford. President Ford’s most significant action on his 38th day was the signing of an amnesty for Vietnam War draft evaders. As I typed the word ‘President’ in the header above, I heard the word ‘precedent’: the 38th President sets a precedent both through who he was and what he did on his 38th day.

The majority of this article contains a detailed look at both the person of the 38th President and his actions on his 38th day which reveals several interrelated prophetic themes. There are, however, two main “take-home” messages which I believe are important for the coming days:

  • The way in which Gerald Ford lived and conducted himself opened the way for unsought and unexpected promotion to positions of huge influence
  • The signing of the amnesty for Vietnam draft evaders paved the way for restoration of families – the returning of fathers to their children and sons to their fathers.

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